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浪蕩時光 AGE OF WANDERS - 洪文寶(Hung Man Po)插畫展】

展覽日期: 2022 年 10 月 8 日 至 10 月 30 日

身為一個住响九龍幾十年嘅香港人,深水埗俾咗我唔少嘅回憶。黄金戲院外燴魷魚氣味,曾偷偷摸摸買模型放書包唔俾阿媽知,同朋友仔係鴨寮街買電子零件,中二病地响嘉頓山聽朋友彈結他… 有新奇刺激嘅畫面, 亦有噪動不安嘅回憶。


As a Hong Konger who has lived in Kowloon for decades, Sham Shui Po provides me with tons of memories. These memories consist of lingering scent of grill squid outside of Golden Theatre; toy models secretly hidden in my schoolbag from my mother; browsing for electronic parts with my school mates along Apliu Street; listening to a friend playing the guitar at Garden Hill... A coming-of-age novelty and also wandering memories.

What unforgettable memories Sham Shui Po brings to you?

Risograph printing by
Frame making by @photatohk
silkscreen by @armechan

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